Alkaline. Anytime. Anywhere.

CALKALINE - Natural alkaline minerals derived from the treasure of the sea.

Simple Scientific Introduction of Calkaline

Properties of Calkaline Water


Your Calkaline Will be Delivered to You by FedEx

All orders are directly dispatched from our office in Taichung, Taiwan via FedEx International Priority Shipping. Your parcel will reach you within 1 week time. Here is the estimated delivery time: 

Hong Kong and South East Asia: 2 Working Days

Australia and New Zealand: 2 ~ 5 Working Days

United States & Europe: 3 ~ 6 Working Days 

Others: 5 ~ 10 Days


Money Back Guarantee

If you do not experience any positive changes at all by the time you finish drinking one box of Calkaline, kindly contact us to ask for a refund. But there is only one condition, you must finish drinking the whole box (6 bottles) of Calkaline in order to experience the health transformation. Of course, we can't check on you. This "Sincere Agreement" is completely based on mutual trust. 

They call us naive or crazy for providing money back guarantee only after the customer finished consuming the product. We don't care! We just want the world to know there is this wonderful solution available. We cover all the risk. You've nothing to lose, except the shipping fee. But, you will experience great changes by the time you finished the 3rd bottle.

Feel the changes, you will be amazed...